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TRPP Innovation Grant 2014
Our approach uses the TRPP Model to find solutions across higher education and provides the foundation for an integrated plan for achieving best practices.


Theory provides the foundation for solving problems and facing challenges. It leads to critical reflection and a better understanding of complex situations. Read more.
Research confirms the way to solve problems and suggests new ways of thinking. Research findings and active engagement in research lead to best practice without reinventing the wheel. Read more.
Principles of best practice guide what we do and integrate knowledge from different sources. Read more.
Best Practice results from critical reflection of theory and research applied to our work. We revisit and examine long-standing practices. Read more.


University of California-Riverside: Rebranding the Academic Resource Center (ARC)

International Consortium of Educational Development (ICED)

Fulbright Specialist in Kazakhstan

Collaboration with CLADEA

Instituto del Progreso

The Profession and Practice of Learning Assistance and Developmental Education

Leading Successfully With Emotional Intelligence

Becoming a Change Leader: Minimizing the Fears and Achieving Success


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